The Steelpan Experience

Joy facilitating a workshop at Harbourfront’s Island Soul Festival.

Joy facilitating a workshop at Harbourfront’s Island Soul Festival.

Founded in 2008, The STEEL PAN EXPERIENCE (SPE) has a vision of promoting music and the arts with a special focus on world music. Led by professional musician, composer and arts educator Joy Lapps, SPE allows participants to experience the steelpan in the form of live performances, presentations and workshops.  All activities are designed and modified to fit your community group, classroom or entire school and can assist educators in finding creative ways to meet various curriculum requirements.

We are currently accepting bookings for the 2019-2020 academic year.

We are also looking for school and community partners for our Fall 2019 Project From Skin to Steel and Beyond.

From Skin to Steel and Beyond is a steelpan focused project engaging community through workshops, creation and live performance. Each element of the project explores aspects of how natural environments have impacted the development of the steelpan and how the instrument and its creators and the descendants of its creator have responded by impacting our cultural and social environments. This project is funded by the Toronto Arts Council in partnership with the Evergreen Brickworks.

If your school or community organization would like to partner in this special project or book a separate workshop or presentation, a please get in touch by sending an email to