• Tropicana Community Services 1385 Huntingwood Drive Scarborough, ON, M1S 3J1 Canada

Bishops’ High School (Guyana) Alumni Association Toronto Chapter present Roots and Rhythms feature the Richard Whiteman Trio,  Kevin Cato, Natasha Waterman and Faith Armour, Michael Skeete and the Joy Lapps Project.  

I will be playing a half-hour set with Jeremy Ledbetter (keys), Collin Barett (bass) and Larnell Lewis (drums).

Tickets: $45.00 (incl. complimentary snack)

For more inforamtion or to purchase a ticket, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Maureen: 905-426-9970, Nancy: 416-449-4453, Rochelle: 416-284-2518, Denise: 416-833-1953, Marva: 416-724-4660 and Peta : 647-291-6798